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HH Dalai Lama meets with Terton Pedgyl Lingpa’s Yangsi in Dharamsala

Earlier this month His Holiness the Dalai Lama met with the recently enthroned Yangsi of Pedgyl Lingpa, Ugyen Jigme Choki Palter Rinpoche. Yangsi Rinpoche, along with his attendants and supporters, made offerings to HHDL on the October 5th full moon day. His Holiness welcomed Yangsi and then shared his memories of Terton Pedgyl Lingpa. Yangsi Rinpoche’s meeting with HHDL coincided with the final day of the Yumka Khandro Gongdu Drub Chod retreat in Northern CA. It was the first time this profound practice, from Pedgyl Lingpa’s “Enlightened Intent of the Three Kayas” cycle of teachings, has been accomplished in the West. May the lives of His Holiness and Yangsi Rinpoche remain stable and their enlightened activities ever increase!

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