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Ewam Bhutan supports four retreat centers in eastern Bhutan.  The primary retreat center, Ewam Drubde Kusum Ling with 30 retreatants, is the site of a traditional 3-year 3-month 3-day intensive meditation retreat in Pedgyl Lingpa’s lineage within the Nyingma tradition. The  great Drudpon (Retreat Master) Lama Ngawang Dorje has completed 23 years of solitary retreat.


Two smaller retreat centers, Wamtse Drubde Odsel Khachab with 8 retreatants and Khenyel Drubde Phurpa Ling with 12 mostly elderly retreatants are also located in Tashi Yangtse. The newest retreat center, Yangyur Drubde Kunzang with 5 retreatants is located in neighboring Tashi Gang.   


Two Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) sacred sites located in the Tashi Yangtse district of eastern Bhutan are under the stewardship of Ewam Bhutan.  Ombha Ney is the legendary site where Guru Rinpoche subdued a snake demon that was tormenting the local people.  Nearby Gongzak Ney is renowned as the site where Guru Rinpoche rested and had tea.

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