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Ewam Bhutan includes nineteen monasteries, retreat centers, gonpas, sacred sites and the monks, nuns, retreatants, lamas and lay people served by these institutions.  Beginning in 2017 Ewam Bhutan Development Fund's priority is to raise funds to support construction of the the new Ewam Bhutan Education & Community Center (EBECC) in the Sarpang district of Bhutan that will provide comprehensive Buddhist education to children and the broader community in an under-served region of Western Bhutan. Take a look at the map and chart below for a list of Ewam Bhutan projects and explore the Activities & Projects pages to learn more!

Ewam Bhutan by the Numbers

  • 250 Monastics

  • 50 Retreatants

  • 13 Monasteries & Temples

  • 4 Retreat Centers

  • 2 Sacred Sites

  • 1 FUTURE Education Center

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