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Khenpo Gives 6 Bardo Teaching at Ewam Kusum Ling in Kneeland, CA

Khenpo offered the 6 Bardos of Living and Dying teaching for the first time at Ewam Kusum Ling Center in Kneeland California. Thirty people attended this two day retreat, Saturday & Sunday, Nov 26th -27th.

In Buddhism, the consciousness that continues from life to life is a subtle consciousness—the faculty of experiencing and being aware, the natural clarity of mind. The fate of the Bardo or the intermediate state is largely determined by one’s Karma, the effect of one’s actions in past lives.

To understand and deal with death, one has to know all phenomena as mere appearances of the mind, like illusions. One should become familiar with what to expect at the time of death so one can deal with these illusions instead of being overwhelmed and confused by them.

This retreat is very valuable for our daily practice as well as preparation at the time of death.

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